Growing Caladium outdoors

Growing Caladium outdoors

Caladium can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but for this to be successful it is imperative to follow certain rules.

The first is to wait for good weather!

It is very important not to plant the bulbs too early, it is always better late than too early!

The warmer it is, the more your caladium will develop in good conditions; the ideal is to wait until June.

It is possible to plant in a pot, planter or other container, but also directly in the ground!

If you choose to grow in a pot, proceed as in our indoor growing instructions and once the tuber is planted, either leave it indoors until germination, or take it out directly and install the pot in a location adapted to light requirements ( some Caladiums will tolerate full sun and others will need shade (the indication is given on each variety sheet on the site.)

carry out regular watering.

Planting Caladium tubers in the ground is very simple. Place the tuber about five centimeters underground, eyes facing upwards. If the soil is sandy, add some peat moss to improve moisture retention. Mulch around the planting and keep the mulch moist throughout the season. You can fertilize every six weeks with a 6-6-6 type fertilizer.

If you want to save your tubers for the following season, dig up your tubers before the first frost.

All the information on caladium overwintering can be found right here: