Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a lot of questions about the e-shop and how it works. Thus, we gather in this article all the most frequently asked questions to better accompany you:

What day is the restocking done ? 

The restocking takes place every Saturday at 8pm.

What should I do if I forgot a product when I ordered?

If your parcel has not yet been picked up and you need to add a product, please contact our team at with your order number and your exact request. We will then do our best to take into account the addition request before shipping.

Which carrier will deliver my order?

We partner with the GLS transport service.

What is the best day to order?

The best is to order on Saturday evening when the restocking opens. Your parcel will be picked up from Monday morning (in the order of arrival of the orders).

What are the shipment prices?

The prices are calculated directly at the time of payment according to the delivery address and the weight of the parcel.

My parcel arrived damaged, what should I do? 

Please note that some damage may occur during transport, despite our best efforts to pack your plants and the best care to prepare them for travel. Once the parcel is handed over to the carrier it is under the responsibility of the transport team. If your parcel arrives damaged, please refuse to accept it. If you accept a damaged parcel we will not accept any refund or commercial gesture.

Can I accept that my package is delivered without a signature?

At the time of your order, you should always prefer a home delivery against signature or a delivery in a relay point if you are not at home. Please systematically refuse delivery without signature. No refund or commercial gesture will be accepted if your package is lost or damaged and you have accepted delivery without signature.

What is the telephone number of GLS customer service?

The GLS customer service telephone number is 0 806 00 60 06. 

Is delivery overseas possible?

We would like to cover all of France and Europe, including the overseas departments and territories, but unfortunately we are unable to ship orders there.

Indeed, to ship plants there, additional precautions and administrative procedures are necessary.

Is delivery possible outside France and Europe?

Delivery is not possible outside the customs union of the European Union.

Which countries can be delivered to?

In particular, we deliver in : Metropolitan France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Saint Martin, Vatican City, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece, Malta.

How to order by click & collect on the website?

For the moment, the click'n collect service is only available during the closed periods for the Parisian shop, outside these periods we do not offer this service for logistical reasons. Announcements concerning click'n collect will be made via the blog and social networks. 

Is there a gift card option on the website?

Yes, there is a gift card that is valid both on the e-shop and in our Parisian boutique. You can order it here.

How can I contact the What The Flower after-sales service?

Do you have a problem with an order placed on the e-shop? Write to us at the email address and make sure you specify the order number and the email address with which you registered on the webshop.
Do you have a question? A doubt? Need some plant advice?
You can reach us directly at this address by attaching photos of your plant.
The whole team will do its best to get back to you as soon as possible, but sometimes it can take several days to process the messages. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Where can I find the growing note for my plant?

As far as possible, you will find the growing note directly on the plant's page in the e-shop. You can always find the plant's card even if it is out of stock by searching with the help of the magnifying glass tab in the top right-hand corner of the e-shop.

A plant I wanted to buy is out of stock, how do I know when it is back in stock?

Simply click on the "tell me when it's back in stock" button on the page of the plant you want.

Is the stock in the e-shop the same as in the Parisian shop?

No, the e-shop stock is 300km from our Parisian shop.
Therefore stocks can vary between the e-shop and the physical shop even if the selection remains similar.

What do the shipping costs include ?

Shipping costs includes packaging and handling costs, as well as transport.

Is a tracking number provided?

All parcels are sent with a tracking number. Once your order has been picked up by our delivery service a tracking sms will be sent to you.

Can we guarantee a delivery time?

We cannot guarantee specific delivery times.  Packages sent to France are generally delivered within 1 to 3 days, to the rest of the EU within 4 to 7 days.

When are orders shipped?

Orders are dispatched from Monday to Thursday. We do our best to ensure that all orders are dispatched within 7 working days of the order date.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In winter, depending on the weather and if the temperatures are below 0 we can postpone the dispatch of your package. Please check the forecast temperatures in your area before placing your order.