Special Caladium FAQ

Special Caladium FAQ

Special Caladium FAQ

A short summary of the questions I am most often asked.

Why are some Caladiums taller or have larger leaves?

Not all caladium ports are the same! Some are very compact, low and bushy like the "Miss Muffet" others can have a very tall habit, up to 90 cm and immense leaves like the "Frog in a blender"! Apart from the more or less tall variety, it is also possible that unsuitable lighting can alter the growth of your Caladium; a Caladium installed too far from a natural light point may have smaller foliage and long, soft stems. .

The leaves of my Caladium are too heavy and the plant is leaning, what should I do?

If the stems of the caladium ever become too heavy and lean, which is a completely normal phenomenon, it is possible to put a small wooden stake in order to enjoy the foliage for longer.

The leaves of my Caladium are pale, is this normal?

If the caladium leaves are pale, less colored or have difficulty unfolding, it is certainly because the caladium is lacking light! You will then have to move it closer to the window. If this phenomenon happens at the beginning of autumn or during winter, it is a sign that your caladium is starting to go dormant, you must therefore stop watering and proceed to overwintering.

Caladium leaves become soft, with a somewhat waxy texture and brown, soft spots appear?

It's probably overwatering! Space out watering and consider changing the potting soil if it is too heavy.

Why do my Caladium leaves have brown spots that are dry to the touch and located on the edges of the leaves?

This is because the caladium lacks humidity and the air is too dry. It will therefore be necessary to mist it daily. This is a phenomenon that can also happen if you space out watering too much and the caladium suffers from thirst too often.

A leaf begins to wither, lean and the wintering season is still far away.

Don't panic, this is certainly the first leaf to come out of your caladium and therefore the oldest. This is a completely normal phenomenon called leaf senescence. The oldest leaves have reached maturity, they fall, you just have to cut them to restore energy to the youngest.

Are white Caladiums more fragile?

Most white or very light caladiums are considerably more sensitive than colored ones. They do not tolerate safe watering, and fear excessively prolonged exposure to the sun's rays which will quickly cause spots to appear on the foliage. So bet on a subdued light exposure and above all do not escape the repotting stage in well-drained and aerated potting soil, which is decisive for obtaining immaculate foliage.

The bulb broke during transport, what should I do?

Surprised, when opening your package, one or more fragments of the tuber broke off? no problem, your tuber will go back! The wound is fresh and open, you should see a slightly yellowish part, which we will have to let dry completely before planting. It will be necessary to let it dry in the open air for about a week so that the wound heals properly and avoids rotting of the tuber. In order to speed up the healing process and avoid mold, it is possible to add a pinch of cinnamon or activated charcoal, two super antifungals and healing accelerators.

Can I plant my tubers outdoors?

It is totally possible to plant Caladiums outdoors!

The most important rule is to wait until it is warm enough, outside temperatures should be at least around 18 degrees at night.

Two possible options:

In a pot or planter, we will proceed in the same way as to germinate the tubers indoors, but we will install the pots outside, avoiding direct sunlight!

When caladiums are exposed to cool temperatures, they may be returned to dormancy and must then begin the germination process again. Cooler weather will significantly delay germination. You will ALWAYS get better results when you plant your caladiums later than earlier. It's never too hot and it's never too late to plant caladiums.

Can I plant several varieties in the same pot?

It is totally possible to mix the varieties and I highly recommend it to obtain incredible stews! You simply need to provide a pot large enough for the number of tubers you want to place in the pot.