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Tuber of Caladium Frog in a Blender

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Caladium Frog in a Blender

Foliage: Fancy leaf

Color: Caladium 'Frog in a Blender' has green leaves with touches of lime green and dark green.

Size: Caladium  high, leaf about 25 cm, height of the whole plant between 40 and 80 cm.

The caladium Frog in a Blender, with its evocative name, "the frog in the blender" seeing its foliage for the first time with this explosion of greens, we immediately understand its name!

Light location : Tolerates both shade and sun.

Available in two sizes N°1 and Jumbo

Refer to our instructions on caladiums for more information , and do not hesitate to share the evolution of your caladium on Instagram with the hashtag: #caladiumcollection2024

Attention !

Caladium sap contains calcium oxalate rapids and irritating saponins, it can cause allergic reactions and severe irritation. Do not put any fragment in your mouth and wash your hands after handling tubers or cut leaves. We invite you to wear gloves when planting. Do not leave within reach of young children and animals.